5 Things I Want to Do Before 2016 Ends!

2016 has been so bad, it’s literally become a meme. I don’t know anyone who has had a good year so far. Is it just that I’m getting older and therefore more aware? Or have the past couple years just sucked? Either way, I’m going to try and turn it around as best I can. I was looking back at my goals for 2016 and thought I’d switch it into 5 manageable things to do…

Stationary and a calendar for 2016

1. Get my bedroom in order
My bedroom is in a state of limbo right now. It’s newly decorated, but I’m still waiting on furniture so everything is still everywhere. It’s stressful that nothing has a place. So I’m hopefully going to get some heavy lifting done, build some flat-pack, send a bunch of stuff to charity shops, and just get everything squared away before my family descends for Christmas.

2. Go to Germany
Last December I went to Köln to see the Christmas Markets and the chocolate museum. It was incredible, but my depression was in high-gear.  This year I’ll be heading to Munich for a couple days to get myself in the Christmas spirit. Now I’m a little better at speaking German and my mental health is a little more controlled, it’ll hopefully be a good time.

3. End the year up to date on my degree work
I’m a little behind, it happens. I got really sick in October so I need to catch up if I want to end the year up to date. I have a two week break starting on the 24th of December, and I’d love to not need to work through it. But I will if I have to. I don’t want to start 2017 trying to make up for 2016, I have a feeling there’ll be enough of that in the world.

4. Grow my blog
My blog is going to be three years old this time next week. I’m not completely content with where I am now- I don’t know many bloggers who are!- but I want to learn and grow. I want to publish blog posts that my readers will love, and for my readers to feel about my blog, the way I feel about these blogs. So if you have any ideas- I’d love to hear them!

5. Plan 2017!
2016 was a bust. Even without taking Brexit and Donald Trump into account, there’s also been a huge amount of loss and sadness in my personal life and the lives of everyone I love. We all deserve better, the world deserves better. So, it’s my hope that with a steady plan for 2017, it will be the year that I look back on and think- yeah, we needed that after 2016. I don’t know the specifics but my general thoughts are; beginning year 2 of my degree, starting a podcast, and getting a handle on my physical and mental health.

What do you want to do before 2016 is over?

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