Books I Read in November!

I spent the majority of November listening to The Fellowship of the Ring on audiobook so I didn’t get much reading-reading done. In fact, I went a whole week without picking up a book as Frodo left the Shire, that story is just addictive and I didn’t want to leave Middle Earth for anything. But these are the book-books I read last month.

Shakespeare’s Champion by Charlaine Harris
I read the first book of this series in October as part of my Autumn TBR, then took a short break to pace myself. And I spent at least half the book trying to figure out if I had forgotten a plot point from the last book, which isn’t ideal. I hadn’t, it was explained later. Lily- the main character, kept referring to an event that as a reader, I didn’t know about, as if I should. This isn’t something Harris has done before so I hope the trend doesn’t continue in the rest of this series.
Apart from this, it was an enjoyable cosy crime novel. There was some slut-shaming and some questionable racial terms but nothing DNF-worthy. I liked that Harris approached the issue of black people being murdered in small Southern American towns and police involvement. Something we know from the news as realistic.
“-Darcy said in that jocular tone some men reserve for insults they don’t want you to take them up on.”

The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid
You can read my full review here!

What did you read in November?

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