Books I Want to Buy and Why 13: 2017 Releases Edition!

I don’t really tend to think far into the future about book releases, but at the beginning of the year I like to get my favourites lined up for my diary, so I don’t realise a cliffhanger-relieving sequel is out two months late when I see it in a bookshop window. It’s also really interesting looking back at what I was hyped for last year compared to this year. The biggest change is definitely in the genre! No YA this year, although I’m still a sucker for series. I wonder what will make next years list…

The White Road by Sarah Lotz
Sarah Lotz blew my mind in 2014 with The Three. To this day, I still think about that book and the story. It frequently gets a smile when I pass my shelf. I recommend it to people liberally. Admittedly, the follow-up, Day Four didn’t quite stand up to my expectations but I think that was because it struggled with being a companion novel/ sequel. The White Road, on the other hand, is a stand-alone and has a social media aspect which I love since the Scream TV show did it so well. I can’t wait. I’m already planning a day where I just do nothing but read this.
Confirmed publishing date: 4th May

Anne Boleyn: A King’s Obsession by Alison Wier
If one series I started in 2016 completely blew. my. mind, it was the Six Tudor Queens series by Alison Weir. I read the first book, Katherine of Aragon: The True Queen and I cried over someone who has been dead for 500 years. I spent over a month reading it and I am not normally one for slow books. In fact, I bought the hardcover despite being a poor student and owning a beautiful proof copy. I just needed them both on my shelf. Now I’m waiting as patiently as I can to get Anne’s side of the story, and her opinion on my girl, Queen Katherine.
Confirmed publishing date: 18th May

Defiance by J.S. Law
Another series I started last year that I rather enjoyed was the debut, Tenacity by J.S. Law, a navy man turned author. It had everything I wanted; a brilliantly written female main character, intrigue, accurate navy stuff, a concluded murder mystery and the beginning of a plot thread that will lead the series on. When I wrote my review I could hardly believe it was a debut. I’m really looking forward to seeing where Dan goes next on her quest for justice.
Possible publishing dates: 8th August/ 6th October/ 21st September

Hello Again by Brenda Novak
Last time I mention starting a series in 2016, promise, but I did read Her Darkest Nightmare in October. Since then I’ve been watching documentaries, reading Reddit threads, looking up ‘fun’ facts all about psychopaths. Brenda Novak picked a really interesting group of people to feature in this series. I really liked the first book and I think I’m going to like the second just from the small hint in the last chapter of what is to come, and that sinister title.
Possible publishing dates: 24th August/ 3rd October

What books are you looking forward to in 2017?

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