Beauty Review: Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb by Lush!

Yoga and hot baths are some of the most common things I hear recommended as cures for stress. So why not kill two birds with one stone and follow up some yoga with a bath and the Lush Yoga Bomb bath bomb? That was my logic anyway! I tried this on a day where stress was probably radiating of me like cartoon radiation and it worked like a dream.

Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb by Lush Cosmetics

Yoga Bomb is a Oxford Street exclusive, which is how I got mine, but it is currently available online!

Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb by Lush

The outside of this is a very plain orange but don’t let that fool you! Inside is purple, along with a good amount of golden shimmer that mixes with your water to make a burnt orange bath. Plus, the shimmer didn’t stick to me.
The scent to me was a mix of orange and this scented talcum powder my family had in the bathroom when I was little. I know that’s not a hugely helpful explanation of the smell but it made the experience weirdly nostalgic for me. I like when a product scent can be a throwback like that sometimes.
Either way, it was a fun bath bomb to watch fizz. The different colours and shimmer mixed nicely to make a calming bath water. The scent could’ve lasted longer. But, just like real yoga, I left feeling a little bit looser and more relaxed.

Want to try this out for yourself? It’s online for £4.25 here!

Have you ever tried the Yoga Bomb bath bomb?

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