Books I Took to Corfu!

I went to Corfu for a week and only took nine books! Yeah, that probably only sounds like an achievement for people who have read my past blog posts about books I’ve taken on holidays… I have a tendency to overpack. I didn’t end up reading a lot because, without going into it, my cat passed away a few days before we left. But I thought I’d still do a post showing the books that made the cut of airline baggage restrictions.

The Midnight Trilogy by Charlaine Harris
I’ve been saving this trilogy up and after finally buying myself the final book (after unhauling these ten), I thought they’d be the perfect holiday read. And I wouldn’t have to worry about running out mid-series because it’s only a three book series; Charlaine Harris’ shortest! These were the books I ended up reading while I was away, I needed comfort and she’s the author that gives me that.

Poison City by Paul Crilley
This arrived in the post the day of my flight after I won it on Goodreads, so I took that as a sign. Into my hand luggage it went and I did start it on the flight out but it didn’t grab me and I knew I wanted to read the Midnight books first. I’ll come back to it because it was a really fun beginning.

My Mother’s Shadow by Nikola Scott*
This was on my Spring TBR and has been sat on my bedside table for months. Being a mood reader sucks sometimes! Strangely, although the paperback isn’t being published until September, I saw copies in the airport. Weird. I have since started reading this since I came home though.

Empire and Dominion by Jennifer Ridyard and John Connolly*
I keep saying I’m going to finish this series and then not finishing it! I’ve never had this problem before and I think it’s because I genuinely love the story and the world so much that I don’t want it to be over. Maybe I should try the audiobooks…

Cartes Postales from Greece by Victoria Hislop*
I’m every tourist cliché that reads a book based in the country they’re visiting while they’re there. Or would’ve if the mood struck them. I didn’t get around to this, but I did flick through it and think I’ll be picking it up soon. I liked Corfu, and Greece, and I’d like to read more about it.

Yesterday by Felicia Yap*
I met Felicia Yap in February and heard about Yesterday so I’ve had a lot of pent-up excitement about this book. But I wasn’t planning on taking it on this trip until I passed it on my shelf and grabbed it at the eleventh hour. Even though I didn’t end up reading it, that told me a lot about my TBR priorities and this has been bumped up the list.

What do you think of the books I packed? What are your favourite holiday reads?

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