My 5 Reading Goals for 2017: 6 Months In!

2017 is going by pretty fast, huh? I’m genuinely surprised we’ve managed to make it this far without any major international incidents! I’ve been pretty quiet over here on the blog, my personal life has been kind of a bummer and my university life has been keeping me busy- but I’m on Summer holiday now and just found out I passed first year! So why not start hopefully posting regularly again with a catch-up on my reading goals?

My 5 Reading Goals for 2017: 6 Months In!

1. Stop delaying.
This was all about reading what I want to read, when I want to read it. I think I’m actually doing pretty well with this one. I’ve read some amazing books this year that I’ve wanted to read for years and years; like Catch-22 and Lolita, and I’m currently reading my first Jane Austen! On the other hand, I’ve also found myself looking at the books I own and not wanting to read them. My tastes are changing and I can’t pin-point where they’re going to land yet.

2. Goodbye comfort zone.

I wanted to say hello to classics, non-fiction and longer books and welcome them into my life. Well- I’m doing okay on this one but I feel like I could definitely push the boat out further. My English Literature module starting in October is definitely going to bring more classics and books I wouldn’t necessarily have picked up into my reading though. Othello, Wuthering Heights, Frankenstein; it’s going to be fun!

3. Read a book in German.

I’ve finished my German module but I still don’t think I could read and understand a whole book in German yet… Maybe I should just try and see how I go but I’m feeling really German-ed out at the moment. Hopefully the motivation to actually do this comes back once the stress of essays wears off.

4. Replace.

This was also part of my 2017 goals, with the hope of ‘curating’ my bookshelves a little. I’ve been following a bring in one book, for every ten that go out– rule and it’s been working pretty well. By which I mean, I’ve unhauled ten books and bought one that I really wanted, so far. And I have about four drafted unhaul posts waiting in the wings for me to be organised enough to photograph them and ship them off to Oxfam.

5. Read 80 books.

Oh boy. I really jinxed myself with this one! I had this idea that since I read 80 books in 2015, but only 62 in 2016, that I should push myself back up to 2015s amount of reading. Makes sense, until I go back and realise that I was reading vastly different kinds of books that year- easier books! And that I was healthier, less stressed, less busy, etc. But hey! I’m only 13 books behind schedule, I could still bring it back around.

Did you have any reading goals for 2017? How are you doing with them?

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