My 5 Reading Goals for 2017: One Year On!

A year ago, I posted up the 5 Reading Goals I had for 2017 in all my fresh new year enthusiasm! And 6 months ago, I had a little review of them because I like to check in with myself with goals or I’ll completely forget them until the end of the year. And now, my final review, with a little haul as I only bought 2 books this year as one of my goals! Well, 2 and a bit…

5 Reading Goals for 2017- One year on

1. Stop delaying.
2017 was the year I read what I want to read when I want to read it. And I think this one was a major success! I’ve read so many books that have been sat on my shelves for years, and I’ve really started to enjoy types of books that I’ve always thought I didn’t! It’s been really interesting.

2. Goodbye comfort zone.

Classics, non-fiction and longer books were on the list for 2017 and classics was a slam-dunk! I read 15 classics, mainly through audiobooks and I loved exploring these books. I didn’t always like all of them, but I never finished a classic and felt like the time was wasted. I also read 5 non-fiction memoir type books, but longer books remain my nemesis for another year.

3. Read a book in German.

Afraid not! I finished my German module and I’m afraid that I still don’t feel confident enough to try this. Language learning isn’t my strength and I really struggle with it. 

4. Replace.

I wanted to curate my bookshelves to reflect myself more accurately in 2017. I wanted to take away the bad, the old, the unread, so that the books I love could shine clearer! I pushed myself to do this by making a numerical challenge, ten books out and one book in. I unhauled 20 books (here and here) and I only bought 2. I’m happier with the way my shelves are looking. And as for the books I bought…

My mini-haul is Magisterium: The Silver Mask by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare and Night Shift by Charlaine Harris (which has disappeared so Day Shift is filling in). Both of which I also read this year. And I also bought hardcover copies of two books that I had proofs of; Anne Boleyn: A Kings Obsession by Alison Weir and Yesterday by Felicia Yap.
Obviously, I don’t count my required reading books but you can see those here!

5. Read 80 books.

Well, lesson learned! I don’t do well with these kinds of challenges. I ended up reading 59 books in 2017, which is still more than I read in 2014 and only two less than 2016. But not the 80 I read in 2015 and while I didn’t let it pressure me, it was a little disappointing when I realised I wasn’t going to make it. Never again!
Did you make any reading goals last year? How did you do?

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