Books I Want to Buy and Why #14: 2018 Releases!

Last year, I wrote my 2017 list and wondered what would make it to this years list of releases that I’d want to buy. Well, past me, here you go! In order of publishing date and everything! This is actually the longest of these new release lists I’ve made; 7 books. And since I’m going to continue my 2017 goal of unhauling 10 books for every new book purchase… I better get unhauling!

Books I Want to Buy and Why #14 2018 Releases!

Missing Person by Sarah Lotz
I’ll always be interested in anything Sarah Lotz is writing ever since The Three was such a mindblowing book. Admittedly, I didn’t like Day Four as much but her 2017 release; The White Road was a good’un so I can’t wait for Missing Person. I also find the real website this is based on fascinating, where anybody can help link up missing persons with unknown deceased; Lost & Found (TW: pictures of dead people).
Release date: 21st March

Six Tudor Queens: Jane Seymour, The Haunted Queen by Alison Weir
I said when I reviewed the first book in this series that Alison Weir had got me hooked when it came to this series. Six books in six years about all six wives? Count me in! And I’m really looking forward to the Jane Seymour book because I don’t really know as much about her as Katherine and Anne.
Release date: 3rd May

Today by Felicia Yap
Yesterday was the thriller of 2017 and I really liked it so I’m looking forward to diving back into the world where everyone either has 24 or 48-hour memories. This is the prequel so I’m hoping for a lot more detail about how it all started.
Release date: 23rd August

Magisterium: The Golden Tower/ The Enemy of Death by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
Now, there’s one name for this on Goodreads and another on Amazon so who knows. However, I do know one thing and it’s that I am both not ready for this series to be over, and desperately wanting to know what happens to Call in the final book.
Release date: 6th September

The Tales of Beedle the Bard by JK Rowling, Illustrated by Chris Riddell
Now, I’m not the biggest JK Rowling fan after my on-going re-read of the Harry Potter series and I do think they’re really just mining this series for every penny it’ll put out… But I’ll buy pretty much anything Chris Riddell illustrates so this is a tough one for me. I might re-read my old copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard and see how I feel then.
Release date: 2nd October

An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris
Charlaine Harris is an auto-buy author for me, but when I saw that this is about “the disintegration of America” and “a surefire hit for fans of The Walking Dead”… I’m wishing away months of my life so it’s October already. I need more of her writing in my life since I’ve recently finished all her series.
Release date: 4th October

Face Off by Brenda Novak
I just finished the second book in this series, Hello Again, and I’m already needing to know what happens next. I find serial killers and psychopaths fascinating and ever since reading the first book I’ve known that this is a series I will follow through on.
Release date: 29th November

What 2018 releases are you most excited for?!

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