My Reading Goals for 2018!

I love setting reading goals for a new year. Even if we’re twenty days in, but it’s actually my birthday today so it’s like a new year all over again for me! I start a new Goodreads shelf on this day anyway, to track what I’m reading at what age. The shelf of everything I read when I was 20 is vastly different to the shelf of what I read at 23!

My Reading Goals for 2018!
1. Keep Replacing!
Last year I unhauled 20 books which, for me, is incredible. Part of the way my OCD manifests is in slight hoarding so getting rid of anything is hard. Getting rid of things that I have read in my childhood, or haven’t read, really bothers me. But. I’m working on that and the motivation of only buying one book for ten I unhaul works. Plus, I want seven 2018 releases so…

2. Bigger and Better!
I want to read some chunky books. For me, big books are any over 400 pages but this year I’m looking at some 500+ page beauties. Maybe even 600+ pages. Who knows! I just feel like challenging myself to stick with a book for a good long time.

3. Read all of my 18 Books I want to Read in 2018 list!
My Goodreads goal is set to 18 this year after failing my first attempt at a challenging number last year, but in my mind, it’s these 18. I really think I covered classics, non-fiction, new releases and starting and finishing series well.

4. Diversify!
I don’t really read diversely. I do read mostly women but last year I only read two books written by a POC, and four that had LGBTQIA+ characters. That’s pretty garbage! So in 2018, I want to diversify my reading more. I definitely want to read more books with characters that are LGBTQIA+. Hit me up if you have any recommendations!

5. Thread them all on Twitter!
I’ve seen a few of these threads over the last year and I was envious of those who had them for their 2017 reads. So I started my own. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to see trends and patterns at the end of the year with it all written out linearly.

What are your reading goals for this year?

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