2017 in Reading!

In 2017 I read 59 books, and according to Goodreads, that figured out at 17978 pages. Not half bad! I didn’t manage my goal of 80 books but I read some really good books last year. The biggest change in my reading has actually been a format change! 2017 was the year of the audiobook with 22 of the books I read being listened to. In fact, my top three books this year were all read via audiobook! And all classics… Who am I?!

I rated 13 books as 
I rated 19 books as 
I rated 11 books as 
I rated 13 books as 
And 3 books as 

While I definitely had more one-star books than ever, I also had two reads that made it to my six-star shelf on Goodreads that I save for my absolute ultimate favourites and that’s pretty neat. And my top three…

2017 in Reading!

Third place goes to… Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

It’s strange that this found its way onto my top three because when I first read it, I gave it four stars. But over the year I haven’t been able to get this book out of my head. I’ve still not finished my review because my thoughts on it are so hard to pin down. All I know is that I loved it and I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to re-read a book so much, despite having some problems with it.

Second place goes to… Lolita by Vladamir Nabokov
I’ve got many a strange look after telling people that one of my new favourite books is Lolita but it is. It’s massively misunderstood and I think more people would really like it if they gave it a chance. But hey, all I know is that I really enjoyed it and I actually think I’ll re-read this one too. Not something I do often!

My favourite book in 2017 was… The Tenant of Wildfell by Anne Brontë!
I read a book by each Brontë last year for the first time. I didn’t like Jane Eyre, I liked Wuthering Heights, but The Tenant of Wildfell filled my lil’ Feminist heart with joy. A woman taking her son out of an abusive situation at a time when everything she owned legally belonged to her husband? I love Anne, and I love this book. 

                                                        What was your favourite read from 2017?

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