Fostering: Aurora!

Aurora came to me with almost no information and sometimes it happens that way; no big story of neglect or being found on the side of a busy road, just a cat that’s been found as a stray or the owners have surrendered them for personal reasons. One day you have an empty room and the next, there’s a big ball of fluffy ginger fur in your favourite chair.

Fostering Aurora!

I didn’t bond that much with Aurora for a couple of reasons, and I get asked a lot about how I manage to say goodbye to my fosters so I thought I would mention some of the reasons that I don’t bond with every cat and it can sometimes be really easy to send them off to a forever home.

The main reason is probably that I only had her for ten days. Sometimes I have cats for a long time, my longest being four months for a pregnant cat who had kittens, and sometimes they’re snapped up the moment they’re advertised. I don’t know if it factored into her adoption specifically but the rarer a cat, the faster they seem to get adopted. Ginger females are outnumbered by ginger males about 1/4 because the ginger gene is on the X chromosome and females need two to be ginger. She’s also long-haired, which a lot of people prefer despite the extra grooming. And she was cute as heck!

I joked on Twitter that I had never bonded with a long-haired female cat and that it was clearly the impact of 12 years of all-girls school but in reality, just like with humans, sometimes personalities don’t click. This is why I always recommend meeting a cat before you adopt them if you can. Sometimes people end up leaving with a different cat then the one they originally came for!

The last thing is that the reason I started fostering was that I had a ginger cat, creatively named by 7-year old Imogen as Ginger, who passed away and I wanted to help. Seeing a ginger cat that wasn’t my Ginger was jarring at times. Luckily, my area is overrun with black-and-white cats so I haven’t had a ginger cat since!

Fostering Aurora

Do you prefer long-hair or short-hair animals?

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