Beauty Review: Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb by Lush!

Yoga and hot baths are some of the most common things I hear recommended as cures for stress. So why not kill two birds with one stone and follow up some yoga with a bath and the Lush Yoga Bomb bath bomb? That was my logic anyway! I tried this on a day where stress was probably radiating of me like cartoon radiation and it worked like a dream.

Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb by Lush Cosmetics

Yoga Bomb is a Oxford Street exclusive, which is how I got mine, but it is currently available online!

Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb by Lush

The outside of this is a very plain orange but don’t let that fool you! Inside is purple, along with a good amount of golden shimmer that mixes with your water to make a burnt orange bath. Plus, the shimmer didn’t stick to me.
The scent to me was a mix of orange and this scented talcum powder my family had in the bathroom when I was little. I know that’s not a hugely helpful explanation of the smell but it made the experience weirdly nostalgic for me. I like when a product scent can be a throwback like that sometimes.
Either way, it was a fun bath bomb to watch fizz. The different colours and shimmer mixed nicely to make a calming bath water. The scent could’ve lasted longer. But, just like real yoga, I left feeling a little bit looser and more relaxed.

Want to try this out for yourself? It’s online for £4.25 here!

Have you ever tried the Yoga Bomb bath bomb?

A Late Lush Christmas Haul!

It’s super late on Christmas Eve Eve and while I wait up for my family who are arriving tonight, I thought I’d show y’all the Lush goodies that my mum picked up for me when the was down in London. She’s the best, and made sure to get me a great selection including some Oxford Road exclusives…

I’m a big fan of Christmas at Lush, although they definitely used to be more warm and cosy. Does anyone else remember Glögg shower gel and the Gingerbread house bubble bars? They were my jam! But they still make some great exclusives around this time and I love the way my room smells with them all piled up in my lil’ Lush basket!

The first thing my mum picked up for me was the Northern Lights bath bomb because for the last four or five years, I’ve been running her a bubble bath on Christmas Eve with the Christmas Eve bubble bar. Lush discontinued it this year and this is the closest one to the scent. I think I’ll be breaking this so we can both have a half tomorrow!

I’d never actually tried the Father Christmas Bath Bomb until this week which is strange because I sold a lot of them when I worked there and it’s green inside- my favourite colour. The scent wasn’t super impressive in the tub but anytime I can see green, I’m happy.

I’m obsessed with the idea of a bath bomb/ bath melt hybrid. I hope they bring more of these out in the new year because it’s always nice to get a little extra hydration. It’s a lot more lime-y then the orange scent that I expected but it would make the perfect wake-me-up bath for Christmas morning.

Does anyone else remember when So White was a tiny plain white bath bomb that cost £1.80 and packed a punch when it came to the apple scent? I miss those. Now they’re bigger, more expensive although they do have the same kick of apple. Get it together Lush. I love the scent of apple, I’m going to keep this around for a while just to make my room smell amazing.

I used Magic Coloured Bubbles in my bath tonight and while there was a lack of actual bubbles, the deepness of the colour was amazing. I used a third and I couldn’t see my hand an inch under the water. The texture of this is like the fun soaps so I’m wondering if there’s a special technique to bring out the bubbles, since they’re so magical.

And lastly, the Snow Melt bath melt. I would’ve gone with calling it a snowball but whatever. I love these little bath melts that are basically concentrated goodness for your skin. Perfect for winter and all the dry air that comes with it!

What did you pick up from the Lush Christmas collection?

Beauty Review: Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Set.

I bought the Nip + Fab set in my local Tesco over Summer because I kept hearing about Dragon’s Blood being amazing for dry skin. It is, fortunately, from a tree and not an actual dragon because not even amazing skin is worth getting near one of those with a needle. Hypothetically, of course because this isn’t Practical Magic. But this turned out to be almost as magical.

Beauty Review- Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Set.

The set came with the Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Mask which is what I went to originally buy, and the Dragon’s Blood Fix Cleansing Pads. My excuse being that the set was only a couple of pounds more expensive and I’m a sucker for trying out anything that might help my skin.

Beauty Review- Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Cleansing pads.

I’m going to start with the eh product before I rave about the mask. These cleansing pads have all sorts of claims, like cleansing out pores and reducing redness, but they’ve been regulated to when I don’t want to use my face wash. I just don’t see any stand-out effects from them and the exfoliation aspect can irritate my skin sometimes.

But, I’ll use them up for when I don’t want to go through the rigmarole of face wash. All I have to do with these is wipe them over my face and rinse a couple times. Maybe I’m using them wrong and that’s why they don’t work for me but I hate the feeling of not rinsing after using this product, it just feels icky.

Beauty Review- Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Max.

The mask on the other hand, hoo boy. I was sceptical when I first saw the clear gel after years of using the thickest emollients I could find, but when I put this on my face, I fell in love. And I just keep falling deeper and deeper. I’m almost out of it now and this is one of those rare times where I will make sure to buy a new tube before I run out because I can’t do a day without it.

It has all sorts of great sounding ingredients like hyaluronic acid for hydration, amino acid for brightening and the dragon’s blood for protection from the environment. But what matters to me is that it just works.

I have super dry skin. It’s my payment for never having acne I think. So anything that claims to help, I will buy. And even though this claims to be a ten minute mask, I use it as an everyday moisturiser. I did the same with the Origins Drink-Up as well. Give me all the hydration. It’s a gel texture that leaves a tacky feel to my skin but doesn’t look greasy, and my makeup applies over it amazingly. When I wear it overnight, I wake up with a glow and no dry patches in sight. Actual magic.

In short, this is a dream for anyones Winter skin but I’m going to use it year-round in gallons. I want to bathe in this. The very definition of a holy grail product for me.

Have you ever tried any Nip + Fab products? What should I try next?

Beauty Review: Lush’s Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb.

I’m back from my short and sweet trip up to Northumberland with my family and what better way to get back into ‘home mode’ than a bath? I always need to wash off the travel before I truly feel comfortable. So I thought I’d try out one of the Lush Oxford Street Exclusives that I’m still making my way through from March’s haul!

I’m sure you can tell from my blog design but green is my absolute favourite colour, so I was ready to soak in it. It’s not the most common colour for a bath bomb but Lush never lets that stop them, eh? And really- the design is beautiful…

Now, green may be my favourite colour but earthy scents are not so I was surprised by how much I liked sitting in the tub with this fizzing around. It was just- relaxing. Like sitting outside in a forest minus the bugs. And the water, oh, the water. A deep green with golden shimmer that didn’t stick to the skin. All in all, I spent a good hour in that tub and came out more refreshed than I was all holiday.

I’ll definitely pick it up again next time I go on a Lush binge because despite being £4.25, I think you could split it in two and get the same effect. And it’s online!

Are you going to pick one up? How do you feel about earthy scents?

Beauty Review: Lush’s Sunflower Bubble Bar!

This bubble bar is huge! It’s about the size of my hand stretched out. Today’s post is another review of the Lush Oxford Street exclusives I hauled here. I’m really liking beauty posts and reviews again so it’ll hopefully become a regular thing on Sundays. Anyway, the Sunflower bubble bar…

I didn’t even know Lush made the black paper bags this big until I got this. It’s twice the size of the regular ones.

Since this bubble bar is so big, and flat which is super convenient for dividing it up, I got three baths out of it. I might’ve been able to get four but I liked the scent way too much to risk a lame bath from not putting enough in. It’s really orange-y, citrus-y and basically what you’d expect from a bright orange bubble bar. Unfortunately it just doesn’t come out in the bath. You can’t smell it at all.

The bath was fine; yellow, bubbles, but I buy Lush for the scents and this let me down. Brightside is a bubble bar I’ve tried before with the same scent but actually works if this appeals.

Sunflower is a Lush Oxford Street Exclusive but it might pop up in the Kitchen sometime and it’s £4.95!

Have you ever tried the Sunflower? Did you get scent from it?

Beauty Review: Lush’s Rosie Gift!

With Spring in full swing, it seemed like the right time to review Lush’s Rosie gift set and it’s contents! It’s such a beautiful present that I saved the wrapping paper, now I just need a DIY to use it. Any recommendations or ideas would be much appreciated! I’ll find something. It’s super pretty paper and matches the greatness of this gift.

This may be one of my favourite Lush gift sets. It comes with…

How about some reviews, eh?

Rose Jam Shower Gel

I’ve never been a Lush shower gel kind of person. The soaps always interest me more because of the colours and textures. But I actually love this one, a little goes a long way and the scent is actually noticeable- something I can’t say for all shower gels. You can’t buy this separately at the moment but it’ll probably pop up in the Kitchen eventually.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon

It’s love when it comes to this bubble bar. The Rose Jam Bubbleroon smells, unsurprisingly, like rose. I managed to split it in two and both baths were bubble-y and perfect. The thing I love about bubbleroons is the bath melt centre that stops the bubbles drying out your skin and can be really moisturising. It’s a bit pricey at £3.75 but it’s a nice treat. I’ll pick it up again!

Tisty Tosty bath bomb

On the other hand, the Tisty Tosty bath bomb left a lot to be desired. There was nothing fun about it unless you like sharing your bathwater with seven gooey rose buds, no colour to the bath water and the smell was an overpowering floral perfume. At £3.50, I just didn’t get anything from it.

Jason and the Argon Oil shampoo bar

I love a good pun so this Jason and the Argon Oil shampoo bar was right up my street. I’m not blonde but it made my hair really shiny and soft without irritating my scalp like most shampoos. I haven’t had a shampoo bar in a while and forgot how much I loved them! This one is available here for £5.95 and I’m already thinking about which I’ll buy next.

I’ve had Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner before and didn’t rate it but I actually like it second time around. It’s perfect for those days when I know I’m not going to be bothered putting on moisturiser when I get out of the bath/ shower. My skin doesn’t feel as good as it would if I moisturised but it stops the tightness that comes with dry skin. I’m just not sure I’d repurchase it at £16.50 for 225g when it just goes straight down the drain…

Overall, I love the Rosie gift. It comes with a good selection of things to try and even if I don’t love them all, I know I’ll be repurchasing a couple. You can get it here for £24.50 and it’s perfect for any birthdays coming up!

What do you think of the Rosie gift?

Beauty Review: Lush’s Divination Reusable Bubble Bar!

When I posted my Lush Oxford Street Exclusives Haul I knew the first product I wanted to try was the Divination Reusable Bubble Bar because it smells like Parma Violets (the best smelling but worst tasting sweets) and I could make all the Professor Trelawney references while I was using it.

It matched the book too well not to use it!

The first time I used it, the bronze glitter-y coating mixed with the purple underneath to make a mauve but after that it was a lovely deep purple. It lasted five baths which, for its size is pretty impressive, and they were all full of bubbles. The string makes it easy to hold under the water while your bath fills, although it does drop off it near the end. You can definitely smell the scent when you’re in the bath but it doesn’t linger on my skin- it never does for me.

It’s £5.95 but if you can get yourself down to London or if it pops up on Lush Kitchen then I really recommend it since it lasts so long! 

“From now on, I don’t care if my tea leaves spell ‘Die, Ron, Die,’ I’m chucking them in the bin where they belong.” 

Have you ever tried any of the Lush Oxford Street exclusives? Do you think you’ll try to get your hands on this?

Beauty: Lush Oxford Street Exclusives Haul!

A couple weeks ago my mum headed down to London and since she was going to be near Oxford Street I asked her to pop into Lush for me and pick up any of the exclusives she thought I might like. She went a little overboard, and my thanks go to her and the lovely sales girl who helped and probably encouraged what you see…

I’ll put up links for anything I can find online and I’ll be reviewing these over the next few weeks. So what’s in the bag?

A French Kiss Bubble Bar was put in with the Valentine’s Day products this year even though it, luckily, is available year round. My mum knows this is one of my favourites as I’ve reviewed it before so I was stoked to see one in the bag.
The Sunflower Bubble Bar is only available online in this gift set which is a shame because it smells beautiful. It’s citrus-y and summer-y and absolutely huge!
The Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar was for Valentine’s Day, and is one of my favourite Lush products as far as looks go even if the scent- soapy- leaves a little to be desired.

Let your inner eye predict the future– with the Divination Bubble Bar. It smells exactly how I’d assume Professor Trelawney’s tower smells, like Parma Violets and flowers.
Fluttery Bubble Bar was a Oxford Street exclusive for Mother’s Day and it is amazing. It reminds me of a slightly sharper version of the Creamy Candy scent and just looks beautiful!
Windmill Bubble Bar is by far one of the more inventive bubble bars I’ve seen Lush do. It even spins. It smells of herbs and greens which I’m hoping I’ll wake up in the mood for one day because right now it smells kind of weird to me.

If any product could be more suited for a morning bath than the Double Vitality Bath Melt then I’ll eat one. The mix of citrus and mint is super strong. The neon pink is enough to wake up your eyeballs. I can’t wait to use this!

Flowers Barrow Bath Melt is unsurprisingly floral, with a little zing behind the flowers. It’s very cute rolled in flower petals.

What is yellow and dangerous? The Shark Infested Custard Bath Melt. Well I’m hoping not so dangerous, maybe for my bank balance. It smells like custard to me, which is a pro in my books.

Delight Bath Melt is a big ol’ ball of glitter! I struggle to describe the scent, it’s sweet and comforting but not like anything I can name.
The Dazzle Dazzle Bath Oil is the one that turned the girl on the news pink. So obviously I’m super excited. If anyone had those Toxic Waste sweets as a kid, this smells like those. Sweet and sour and totally going to be the first I try.
The Sun Bath Melt is one I haven’t heard of. I’m really off my Lush game… But it smells like a muted orange.
The Lime Pastille Bath Melt is another I’ve never heard of before! It smells very much like lime sweets as you’d expect and has me craving an ice pop.

Never have I accidentally inhaled more bath bomb dust than with the Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb. Fresh, leafy and crumbly as all heck.
I love Yoga. And the Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb continues my love in physical form. It’s orange-y and delicious and will be used post-yoga session because I’m a sucker for matching.
And lastly, I have no idea what Ylang Ylang smells like but I’m guessing it’s like the faint floral scent of the Ylang Song Bombshell Bath Bomb.

What would you like to see reviewed first? Have you ever been to the Lush in Oxford Street?

Beauty Review: Stella! Silver Screen – Lipstick Queen!

I’ve had an obsession with finding the perfect purple lipstick ever since I watched this video by Chloe Dykstra. I swear she influences like half my make-up buys, probably more since it was through her that I discovered indie makeup. Either way, bar flying to New York to go to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab (although that temptation only got stronger after Ashley went), I have to shop around for the look I want.

Beauty Review- Stella! Silver Screen - Lipstick Queen

Stella! by Lipstick Queen was a present from my mum and looked promising. Along with being super luxurious as far as packaging goes, the Silver Screen collection is very old Hollywood, the colour in the tube is so dang pretty!

Beauty Review- Stella! Silver Screen - Lipstick Queen!

*heart eyes*

Beauty Review- Stella! Silver Screen - Lipstick Queen SwatchesBeauty Review- Stella! Silver Screen - Lipstick Queen Swatch

Here’s the thing. It’s a little sheer for the look I’m going for. It’s still lovely, but it mixes with my natural lip colour/ my lipliner and looks more pink than it does in the tuber. I really like it though because a sheer purple look is a little easier to wear and I think it suits me so- yeah. The formula is nice and smooth and it builds up a little but not a huge amount. It’s welcome in my collection- but the hunt continues.

Want to pick up Stella!? You can get it here!

What do you think of purple lips? Have you seen anything like what I’m looking for?

Beauty Review: Lush’s Sweetest Thing Gift!

It was a sad day when I realised I haven’t been buying a lot of Lush lately. My local store shut down and I have a dislike for the £3.95 delivery fee on their website. But my mum works near one of the stores and she kindly bought me the Sweetest Thing gift on a whim one day (thank you mum!). And I’ve been hearing some rumours about the Christmas line, consider me interested in Lush again.

Lush: Sweetest Thing Gift! Pink Fun, Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly, Bubblegum lip scrub

The gift comes with three products; Fun in Pink, Sweetie Pie shower jelly (no longer available except in this and the Sugar Sugar gift) and Bubblegum lip scrub.

Lush: Pink Fun

Fun has been out for a while but I’ve never picked up a… Bar? Wedge? It’s never really been cute enough for me to reach for it. But I’m glad I got to try it! It has the same scent as the Creamy Candy bubble bar and Snowfairy, so basically it smells like candy. It claims to have four uses; solid shampoo, bubble bar, soap and well- Fun. As for actual uses? As fun it’s neat, and for soap it works great but as a bubble bar it leaves lumps at the bottom of your bath and as shampoo, lumps in your hair. So it really depends what you want it for.
 It’s £5 for 100g and it can be bought on it’s own here!

Lush: Bubblegum lip scrub

Bubblegum lip scrub is a pretty well known in the beauty blogosphere. It’s a lip scrub that does the job and tastes like candy, what’s not to like? Of course, it’s probably very easy to replicate but that’s a whole different cost vs. worth, time is money thing.
It’s £5.50 for 25g and you can buy it on it’s own here!

Lush: Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

Sweetie Pie is no longer available on it’s own. Which is devastating because this is one of my favourite Lush products. It smells like the Comforter, and is basically jelly soap- so much more fun then shower gel or bar soap. I’m glad that I have a tub to savour. It’ll be a dark day when I finally finish this.

Lush do some pretty great gifts in my opinion. Full of good stuff? Check. Pre-wrapped? Check. Decent price? Check. And in this case- the lip pops off easily if you want to add extras. Personally, I like to add something that shows some extra thought, a nail polish or a lipstick.

The Sweetest Thing gift costs £14.50 and can be bought here!

What do you think of this gift? Would you buy it for someone?