5 Things I Love about Summer!

The sun is out and my typing is joined by the sound of birdsong, the same birdsong that woke me up at 5am through the open window. I’m not a fan of Summer in general. It’s way too hot for me and I both loathe applying sunscreen and have the skin of a ghost. But in a bid to be positive about the upcoming three months, here are 5 things I love about Summer!

5 Things I Love about Summer!

1. Summer Holidays.
Not so much for me, as a distance learning student I actually have a huge deadline at the beginning of August so I’m working my tail off, but all of my friends are home from University now and I’m really excited to see them and catch up on their news.
2. All the good fruits and vegetables start coming into season. 
Nectarines. Cherries. Apricots. Peaches. Artichokes. Need I say more? I can live off fruits and vegetables in the Summer season, those and the occasional ice pop.
3. Top Notch Lighting. 
Summer is pretty much every bloggers favourite season because the lighting is actually decent for once. The sun is blaring and the editing is a minimum. I’m stocking up on well lit pictures for the upcoming months because in Winter, those 2 minutes of direct sunlight are easily missed.
4. Summer Reads.
Even though I don’t have any holidays planned, I’ll be reaching for some of my more summer-y reads now the sun is out a little more. It’s just not the season for reading about chills and crackling fires, give me a novel that I can read while I chug ice cold water. I’ll be posting my TBR soon.
5. The Return of Orange is the New Black.
Okay, I was running out of things to love. I really don’t like Summer that much. But Orange is the New Black is returning tomorrow and I’m so excited! I’ve cleared out most of my day so I can binge watch it. It’s my motivation to get ahead on work.

What do you love about Summer?

Bookmarked #1

Bookmarks are one of the greatest things about the internet in my opinion, the idea that you can really easily save a page to look at later or show to somebody else is amazing. Imagine a life without bookmarks on the internet. Horrifying, right? You’d have to copy and paste URLs into a Word document to save later or something equally monotonous. Plus, I’m a little nosy when it comes to other peoples bookmarks so I thought I would show off some of mine!

Someone made the Friends apartments on Sims! I’m so impressed with this one, it puts my Sims skills to shame.
Also impressive- A Hobbit Hole trailer. I can’t even imagine the amount of intelligence that went into making that, I can barely make heads or tails of the captions but oh I want one.
A really interesting list of 100 books by the BBC that the average person has apparently only read 6 of. I’m at 14, what are you at?

I Write Like is a website where you can paste in some of your writing and see which author you write like. How accurate it is could be debated, although I can live with being told I write like Raymond Chandler.

And lastly, I’m currently writing this to the sound of the Ravenclaw Common Room with this Harry Potter Ambient Sounds Mixer. Rather relax in the Shire? Got you covered. They also have Game of Thrones, a couple of the Avengers, Star Wars, Supernatural, and a bunch of others. Go forth and relax!

Do you like Bookmark posts? Leave me links to something in your bookmarks!

30 Before 30: One Year On!

Last year on my 20th Birthday I posted up my 30 before 30 list so today, one year on I thought I’d do an update post! Some things on the list I’ve started towards, only one is complete (poor form so far) and a lot are happening this year. 21 is going to be a busy time.

1. Complete Pokémon. 
Still no closer on this one, mainly because I can’t find my old Pokémon Yellow game in all my old things. Trying to find the game might need a major clean-up to happen first. I have been playing Pokémon X and I just got Alpha Sapphire this morning for my birthday so I look forward to playing through that!
2. Write a Novel.
I probably have about 8,000 words towards this goal, but my degree takes up a lot of my writing time. They complement each other though.
3. Earn at least a 2:1 in my degree.
This is going to be something I’m really working towards this year, I’ve been getting good feedback so I think I’m on track. Just need to pick up the pace!
4. Do a 365 photo a day challenge.
I think a 365 photo a day challenge of my life at the morning would be super boring so I’m going to try this one in a couple of years!
5. Copy the ‘Three Men in a Boat’ trip.
6. Take a plane on my own.
This year for this goal I think! I have a friend who lives in Spain and hope to visit her ASAP.
7. Spend a St Patrick’s day in Ireland.

I’m way too delicate to attempt this one this year. One day!

8. Learn to drive.
*groans* I hate driving. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I’m working on it.
9. Write a will.
That’s not a huge priority for me right now, not sure my family are going to have much of a debate over who gets my comic books!
10. Own The Walking Dead #1.
Not even close on this one! Might have to aim for a reprint.
11. Host Christmas.
12. See my brother get married.  
13. Go to Vegas with my oldest friend.
VEGAS 2015! Yeah buddy!
14. Make a quilt.
15. Own a Hyundai Ix35.
I went for a test drive in one today and oh, so beautiful! I have to actually learn to drive and pass my test first though.
16. Own a collection of mugs that all have meaning.
This one is going quite well! In fact, I got a new one I love for Christmas.
17. Start a small business.
18. Review 200 books. 
57/200 so far! You can read them all here! I’m ahead on this goal, I honestly thought last year that this one would take me ages.
19. Road trip the UK.
20. Go to SDCC.
21. Grow a bonsai tree and keep it alive.
I’m still accidentally killing every plant I try and keep so I think I’ll wait until I get some kind of plant keeping ability before I try this one!
22. Travel Europe on a train.
23. Cosplay.
24. Go to all the places Ashley wants to bring me to.
25. Learn to crochet and make something.
I learnt to crochet in 2014 and with my new crochet needles, I should be able to complete this one soon. I already have my first project started.
26. Keep bees.
27. Cut my hair and donate it to the Little Princess Trust.
I really have to do this in 2015 because my hair is ridiculous, it’s so so so long and I can’t wait to have short hair for the first time in- 17 years. I must book a haircut soon so I don’t chicken out like I did last year.
28. Learn German.
29…. I still have two spaces to fill!

So that’s my 30 Before 30 list, one year on. I update this page periodically if you’re interested in keeping up to date!

Do you have a 30 Before 30 list or something to that effect? What’s on it?

Blogmas Day 3: By the End of 2013..

There are 28 days left in 2013, how scary is that? I thought today I’d blog about a couple things I want to get done before 2014 arrives just to make December a really good month. I read you’re more likely to do things if you tell people you’re doing them so here we go.

Finish Blogmas. Blogging every day is hard, I don’t know how people do it. I went to see a friend of mine today and realised when I got home that I had nothing to blog about, it took me a good twenty minutes to come up with this list but hey. I already know what tomorrows post is about though so that’ll be okay.

See my brother get married and have a really nice Christmas. Oh yeah, it’s a busy month on the family front. My older brother is getting married on the 21st so we have cousins and aunties and uncles and grandmas and everybody coming from all over England and Scotland to join us for a couple of days then leaving us with just my two cousins, aunt and uncle for a fairly quiet (for us anyway) Christmas. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Listen to the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobook. Lately I’ve been reliving my childhood by listening to the early Harry Potter books read by Stephan Fry, except I’ve swapped the blue and red cassette tapes for iTunes. I listen to it a lot when I’m tidying and cleaning, and considering how much of that needs to be done before my family visits, I think I’ll be able to do this one, no problem.
Make a Buche De Noel. I say I will every year and never do but I saw it on The Great British Bake Off Christmas Masterclass and was inspired! If you’re in the UK you can still watch this episode on iPlayer till the 7th of December here so hurry, and take notes. Yum. I’m excited for this one.
But you can only make so many lists before you have to stop procrastinating and just do it..

What do you want to get done by the end of December?