My Muji Haul: Skincare and Pens!

I went down to London over the Summer and took the opportunity to buy a few things from Muji without the shipping costs. My main interest was skincare, although I did make sure to stock up on my favourite pens! The shop makes me want to throw everything I own out the window and try minimalism, so I went in with a plan.

My Muji Haul

I’m really trying to get a fuller routine and address some of the skin concerns I have so after copious research I’m tentatively moving forward with a couple of Muji products that I’m hoping will make a difference. So what did I pick?

My Muji Haul: Skincare

For a more DIY approach to sheet masks, I picked up two packs of the Compressed Face Masks that come with twenty each. I’m really looking forward to trying out different toners and lotions to see if I can get a really nice effect with these. Plus, it’s fun when they soak up liquid and pop up.

The big items physically are the two 180 packs of Unbleached Cotton Pads! These are not only cheaper than the ones I normally pick up from Boots, they’re unbleached which just makes me feel a little better about using them on my face. Whether that makes any difference, I don’t know, they’re unbelievably soft and thick. Treat yo’ skin!

Before I headed off to London, my eye bags were so ridiculous I probably could’ve packed in them so I used my ‘Buffy the Eye Bag Slayer’s from Anatomicals. I really liked the effect and since Muji has some Under Eye Patches that, again, you add your own toner/lotion to- I thought I’d give it a go!

My Muji Haul: Skincare

I’ve had a pack of the Sensitive Skin Sheet Masks before and they are really nice. Sheet masks in general are a nice treat and coming in at under £2 each when a pack of 5 is £9.95, I decided to stock up on these. If anyone has any sheet mask recommendations, I am all ears because I love the relaxing aspect to them.

When it comes to the add-your-own face masks, I wanted to try a few things out that I’ve already got, but I’ve been learning more about skincare and building up from my very basic cleanse-tone-moisturise into something more substantial. Including a humectant toner to help my skin soak in my moisturiser. So- the Moist Essence Lotion was added.

I have a headband that keeps my hair out of my face when I wash it, but it has velcro on it, which sticks to my hair. It’s one of those little annoyances that happens everyday so replacing the band with this stretchy one has just cut that out of my morning and evening.

My Muji Haul: pens

And lastly, pens! The Muji pens are my absolute favourite ever since I discovered them on Angela’s blog years ago. They’re cheap, easy to write with and don’t bleed through paper, my ultimate pet-peeve. But the 0.5 nib was getting a little thick so I picked up the 0.38 in my three most used colours.

Have you ever bought Muji skincare or pens? Doesn’t the shop make you want to try a minimalist lifestyle?


A Little Paperchase Haul!

I don’t know a stationary addict that doesn’t love Paperchase. So when I got an email through about a sale, plus my student discount and free shipping over £25- I bought a few things I had been eying up for a while! Who can resist? This is what I ended up with…

And how about a little more detail?

These fruit push pins are adorable! I love fruit and I really want to have a cork board above my desk, when I get a new one, for inspiration. There’s 12 in the set and they’re rubber so for the sale half-price of £2.50 for 12, I’m happy! I can’t find these on the website but I bet there’s still some in-store if you’re lucky enough to live near one.

I use sticky notes a lot in my degree work for making new terms I’ve learned stand out or when I write something down that would be good in an assignment. So I picked up the on-sale Nordic Nights set and the Mystic Rose box which I can’t find online, both at £3.50. I like to have options!

My next module has six parts so I ordered two sets of these Raindrops A6 exercise books– not realising that A6 wasn’t half of A4 but I’m hoping they’ll still work! If not, I always have a use for cute notebooks and at £5 for 3, they figure out at like £1.66 each.

Almost every best friend I have has a name beginning with A, which fits because they are A+ people, but it’s pretty weird. I just seem to collect them. My own version of the A-Team. Either way, I saw this card and I actually have someone in mind for it so- Who is A? They’ll know when they get the card.
Am I the only one that thinks that paper tapes are going to be writeable-on? Well, unfortunately these Spectroscope pastel paper tapes are not…

Kind of a bummer, but I’ll find something to do with them. Any creative people or DIY gods with ideas, I’d love if you left a comment of what to do with all this tape!

Have you bought anything from Paperchase lately?

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Am I the only one that is straight up obsessed with detective shows? I’m currently working my way through Forensic Files on Netflix and more than once they’ve used handwriting analysis to compare two different samples and catch a killer. So when The Pen Warehouse let me know about their infographic, I thought it would be a neat thing to share.


So, according to this what does my handwriting say about me? My i’s say I’m tidy and don’t like clutter, well I can already hear my mum laughing at that. My O’s say I’m private and introverted- I agree with that and my spacing says I have poor time management which is pretty true, but it also says I don’t like being alone, which is definitely false. 

My narrow e’s and pointy s’s say I’m sceptical and don’t let emotions influence me and yet my slanting to the right says I react strongly to emotions. 
And finally, my signature say I’m a private person, hard for others to read and understand and generally lack confidence while being defensive and introverted. I’m really not sure what I think about that.

Overall, I’m pretty sure the psychology of handwriting is a bit of a pseudoscience. I studied English Language at A-level and we did a little graphology so I think unless something it done deliberately, like hearts over the I’s, it depends on who taught you and how long you’ve been writing. Interestingly though, my handwriting is pretty similar to my brothers despite us being six years apart in age and never having the same teachers.  

What does your handwriting say about you? Do you think it’s accurate?
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